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My Conservatory has Condensation Problems!

11th June 2020 · Posted in Conservatory Problems

When you’ve got an issue with condensation in your conservatory it’s probably the last room you want to be in – when it should be the best!

The Problem of Condensation in Your Conservatory

When your windows are covered in water it’s difficult to enjoy any room, there’s a damp feeling in the air and realistically who wants to clean windows every time you use a room?  Definitely not a room to relax in and enjoy the winter months.  Even if you have a decent heating system whether it’s radiators/heaters/dehumidifiers it usually takes a while for the condensation to clear, so more often than not we chose another room to sit in.

Eventually what should be the best room in the house slowly becomes an unloved place.

Conservatory condensation problems can get bigger over time, especially if you don’t do anything about them.  For example, condensation in conservatory roof panels can affect the actual windows of your conservatory, mould can develop in your furnishings and more seriously your health can suffer.


Why do I get condensation in my conservatory?

When your conservatory was built, it would have been built to be fully watertight (hopefully anyway – but that’s another topic!) – so unlike the rest of your home where building regulations would ensure your home can breathe, there is a complete lack of ventilation.  Condensation in your conservatory will naturally build up over time, especially in winter if the room is cold and you understandably want to keep the doors and windows shut. That’s when you will get conservatory condensation problems.


Solutions for Tackling Condensation in Your Conservatory

What’s the best thing to do about the condensation in your conservatory?  Well that depends on your budget and how much you want to reclaim the space and make it potentially the best room in your house! Conservatory condensation advice;

  1. Consider adding more heating – if it’s a large conservatory this might be a difficult task – this room will probably need more heating than the rest of your home. If you are worrying about rising bills this might feel like you are just throwing your money out of the window.
  2. Improve the ventilation – when it’s cold (which is for a sizeable chunk of the year in the UK) you probably don’t really want to have the windows and doors open so you should consider trickle vents and condensation strips.
  3. If you have tried the above and feel that you are just sticking plasters over the real problem of your conservatory condensation then the best option is to add an insulated lightweight roof to your conservatory.  It could be cheaper than you think and more importantly provide valuable extra living space and potentially the best view in the house.


Drastically Reduce Condensation in Your Conservatory for Good!






Most conservatories are built to offer valuable extra space and that indoor/outdoor feeling that’s lovely to enjoy throughout the year.  Unfortunately, whether it’s problems of being too hot in summer or the cold and condensation in winter, the dream often fails to materialise for many.

A replacement conservatory roof provides you with a new room to enjoy. The fully insulated roof is tiled on the outside to complement your existing house and plastered on the inside, delivering extra living space all year round with minimal loss of light.  A Wetheralds roof is fully compliant with Building Regulations – and with minimal loss of light is much cheaper than a new extension!


About Wetheralds

Wetheralds specialise in replacing existing conservatory roofs with a custom made lightweight conservatory roof which fits to your existing conservatory structure, our Wetheralds Conservatory roofs are developed from many years’ experience in the building trade. We provide a high-quality service and product at an affordable price to customers across the North and Midlands.

Wetheralds Replacement Conservatory Roofs are proven to minimise condensation.