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Are Building Regulations Required for Replacement Conservatory Roofs?

22nd June 2020 · Posted in Wetheralds Conservatory Roof Solutions

If you are looking at replacing the conservatory roof with a solid/hard/tiled roof then the answer is yes you will need Building Regulations Approval.

Why do you only need Building Regulations for some roof types?

Essentially Building Regulations are required when there is a real potential danger of damage to your home and/or family if the work is not carried out properly.

  • Building Regulations are required for tiled/solid replacement conservatory roofs as the load on the existing structure is significantly increased.
  • In addition Wetheralds partner with independent Structural Engineers to check the suitability of the structure before we commence any project.

What’s the process for gaining Building Regulations Approval for my replacement conservatory roof?

The process of obtaining the Building Regulations Approval should be all taken care of for you by the company installing the new roof.

To find out more visit Building Regulations and Insulated Conservatory Roofs

Or get in touch and arrange a visit from a Wetheralds Surveyor to assess the suitability of your conservatory for a replacement conservatory roof.