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Is it worth putting a proper roof on a conservatory?

2nd April 2021 · Posted in Conservatory Problems



A conservatory often seems like a good way to add extra space to your home – and it is.  The opportunity to enjoy garden views, extra space for leisure or work without having to dramatically transform any of your existing home.

So where is the problem and why do you as a homeowner find yourself asking if it’s worth putting a proper roof on a conservatory?

Typically constructed of poly-carbonate or glass, the benefit of these conservatory roofs is to offer unobstructed light from above.  However this is the very reason that our customers are unable to use their conservatory as much as they would like.

  • Like many products constantly exposed to the elements, older conservatories will start to develop problems and limit how often you can enjoy them.  Some customers have been given extortionate quotes for repairs and replacement panels – opting just to replace the roof instead.
  • Cleaning a conservatory roof can be tricky at the best of times and certainly isn’t something that elderly customers wish to do.  Without proper upkeep the roof not only becomes dirty but can hasten the deterioration of the materials.  Again conservatory roof cleaning can also be expensive.
  • Glare from the roof in a conservatory often makes it impossible to use screens without installing blinds – and they only tackle this problem as well as creating new problems of becoming dust collectors and difficult to clean.
  • The complete lack of insulation causes condensation to form with temperature changes – resulting in damp windows and furnishings and mould.
  • Without doubt the primary reason customers ‘put a proper roof on a conservatory is so that they can use the space all year.  Otherwise it’s too cold in Winter (sometimes with ice forming on the inside!) and too hot in Summer!

To understand the cost of replacing your conservatory roof send us your details.

So they are all the problems that you are probably aware of if you own a conservatory, but the question is “Is it worth putting a proper roof on a conservatory?”

The simple answer is yes!

A replacement conservatory roof is an investment in being able to use your room all year.

Our customers tell us the benefits are numerous:

  1. It is amazing how warm our room has become! – Mrs King.
    1. The double layers of insulation prompt customers to tell us that they instantly feel a change in the temperature in the room during cold spells.
  2. The room has been transformed, we will now look to put in a TV which we couldn’t do before because of the glare and will definitely use it more often now. – Mr Whyte.
    • Customers report that the loss of light is minimal and the benefits of being able to undertake leisure activities without glare is much more beneficial.
  3. Such an amazing transformation from an 18 year old lean to conservatory to an Edwardian tiled roof conservatory extension – Donna Stevens
    1. Dramatically transform your home without the cost, upheaval and time taken to complete a new extension.  Customers tell us that they feel like they have gained a new room.
  4. Estate agents advise that a conservatory transformation completed to a high standard will add at least 10% to the value of your home.
    1. There are different solutions for replacing your conservatory roof.  “Putting a proper conservatory roof on” includes the addition of insulation, options of roof windows, your choice of tiles and lighting.
  5. Cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter – although customers often find it hard to be specific on cost savings, they are generally convinced that they will save money trying to keep their new room either cool or hot!

Wetheralds Conservatory Roofs own teams of installers have years of experience and are able to install roofs for any conservatory style.  We are happy to help you calculate the cost of adding a proper solid or tiled roof to your conservatory roof.

To understand the cost of replacing your conservatory roof send us your details.

L-Shape Conservatory

Mr and Mrs Killick live in this beautiful home with  L-Shaped Conservatory.  Here’s their advice:

“Our advice to anyone thinking about it is – just do it!

Do it as you will never regret it.  We would certainly praise Wetheralds; as a company to deal with, for value for money and quality of workmanship – we would have been hard pressed to find someone better.

Our new room from Wetheralds was excellent value for money – we are hard to please – and we’re very pleased!”

To find out more about getting a proper roof on your conservatory – get in touch!