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How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Conservatory Roof?

26th April 2021 · Posted in Wetheralds Conservatory Roof Solutions, Wetheralds Conservatory Roofs

Many homeowners are now making the decision to replace their conservatory roof and here we are talking about a change to the existing roof structure and not simply replacement glass or poly-carbonate.

Some of the types of roof available:

  1. A tiled or solid roof,
  2. A hybrid roof (new poly-carbonate roof panels and insulation) or,
  3. A thermo-ceiling (insulation applied to existing roof).

With thousands of tiled or solid roofs being replaced each year, this is the most comprehensive replacement roof available and is the best return on your investment.


Replacement Conservatory Roof with tiles to complement the existing roof.

Before any accurate quotation can be supplied a visit should take place, however, it’s possible to get indicative costs through rough measurements and pictures.

Make sure the Surveyor/Salesperson measures up properly.  If they don’t it’s possible they haven’t fully considered your existing structure and are unlikely to be using a structural engineer, potentially causing problems further down the line.


It will take a skilled team approximately 3 to 4 days to transform your existing conservatory roof into a solid/tiled roof and an extension of your home.






This conservatory has transformed into an open plan kitchen and dining space.

This conservatory has transformed into an open plan kitchen and dining space.

There are a number of elements that you can customise on your new roof, from new slates and tiles to fascias and guttering.   New windows and doors can also be added when the replacement roof is being added.


An impressive Replacement Conservatory Roof has transformed the back of this home.

An impressive Replacement Conservatory Roof has transformed the back of this home.

Agents offer varying percentages on the increase in house value after a conservatory roof is replaced with a solid/tiled roof, however adding a new room to your home will generally add at least 10%.  The energy costs saved are hard to measure but most customers notice a significant difference in their room temperature – requiring less energy for radiators/fans.


  • Who will be checking the quality of the work?  Our Professional Partner will issue a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate on completion.
  • Guarantees of at least 10 years should be offered by the supplier, with materials guarantees lasting much longer.


The size and the custom elements will influence the final cost of your roof, as a guideline though you can expect to pay for Tiled or solid roofs (all costs included) from £5999 INC VAT.

Once you have chosen a supplier that ticks all the right boxes you will be on the way to protecting your investment.

Make sure there are customers you can talk to and visit.  Hearing about the process from beginning to end (and beyond) from a homeowner and the benefits achieved will give you a much better understanding than anything you can read.


Ultimately the decision you make and the supplier you choose will affect your investment and your ability to enjoy your new room for many years to come.  Often the best solution doesn’t appear to be the cheapest, however, you can’t always put a price on finding a supplier that ticks all the boxes in protecting your investment.

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