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My Conservatory is Freezing!

24th January 2022 · Posted in Conservatory Problems

My conservatory is freezing!

If it’s not boiling hot your conservatory is freezing cold – sound familiar?

In theory a conservatory is the perfect way for us to easily add some extra space to our home which can be used throughout the year.  However, the reality is often very different and your conservatory is so cold whenever it’s cold outside (which let’s face it is quite often in this country!) it’s impossible to use it.

Why is my conservatory freezing?

There are a number of reasons why conservatories are so cold and you probably already know them all!

For a start whether you have a polycarbonate or glass roof there’s no insulation at all in the roof – this won’t be news to you but it’s fundamental in solving the problem.  Even with blinds, heaters or internal roof cladding you’re always going to have an issue with extremes of temperature.

Virtually all of the traditional building materials; glass, metal etc. (and even some of the new solutions) are thermal conductors i.e. transferring the cold temperature into your conservatory space.

The problem with a freezing conservatory

Apart from the obvious – that it’s uncomfortable to be in a freezing conservatory there are a host of other problems.

  1. A freezing cold conservatory will also undoubtedly suffer with condensation.
  2. Moisture from condensation can result in mould which is both potentially damaging to health and  fabrics and furnishings.
  3. In many cases where there are not external doors between your house and conservatory, a freezing cold conservatory will (not surprisingly) act as a cold spot in your home – drawing the heat from nearby rooms and without doubt increasing heating bills at a time when we’re all looking to cut energy costs.

The biggest problem of all is that there’s valuable space in your home that you can’t use in comfort throughout the year.

Solutions for Tackling a Freezing Cold Conservatory

What’s the best thing to do about a freezing cold conservatory?  Well that depends on your budget and how much you want to reclaim the space and make it potentially the best room in your house!

  1. You can consider adding more heating – if it’s a large conservatory this might be a difficult task – this room will probably need more heating than the rest of your home. If you are worrying about rising bills this might feel like you are just throwing your money out of the window.
  2. Replace old windows – without doubt new windows are more thermally efficient now than they have ever been.  Replacing old windows in your conservatory may help with a condensation problem but it’s unlikely it will stop your conservatory from being freezing cold.

If you have tried the above and feel that you really need the valuable extra space are just sticking plasters over the real problem, then the best option is to add an insulated lightweight roof to your conservatory.  It could be cheaper than you think and more importantly provide valuable extra living space and potentially the best view in the house.


Banish the Cold from your Conservatory for Good!

Most conservatories are built to offer valuable extra space and that indoor/outdoor feeling that’s lovely to enjoy throughout the year.  Unfortunately, whether it’s problems of being too hot in summer or the cold and condensation in winter, the dream often fails to materialise for many.

The only long term and eventually cost effective solution is a replacement conservatory roof.  Yes there is a cost attached but if you need the extra space i’s a much quicker and cheaper route than a full extension and at the end you have a new room to enjoy.

  • The roof is fully insulated
  • tiled on the outside to complement your existing house, and
  • plastered on the inside
  • extra living space all year round with minimal loss of light
  • fully compliant with Building Regulations – and
  • much cheaper than a new extension!

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