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A new conservatory roof?

9th February 2022 · Posted in Wetheralds Conservatory Roofs

A new conservatory roof can turn a very hot or cold conservatory into a room that is enjoyed every day.

Why a new conservatory roof?

Many people choose to get a conservatory for the extra space and to enjoy looking at their garden view.  A well built conservatory can last many many years with general maintenance.

However, after many years of enjoyment you may have got to the point where your roof has started to leak or break and it’s becoming a cause for concern.

There may be other problems too:

  • It may be difficult to keep clean from leaves and bird droppings – and if you’re unable to do it yourself the cost to get it done professionally could be expensive.
  • It may be a lovely bright space but in the summer it could be very very hot, to the point where it’s difficult to stay in there.
  • The glare from the sun may be so strong that it’s impossible to just sit or read.
  • It may also be so cold in the winter that you need several radiators and additional heaters to make it comfortable.

The Decision to get a New Conservatory Roof

For one or all of the reasons above you now know that something has to be done about your conservatory roof – whether it’s a glass or polycarbonate construction.  You may believe your only option is to replace the existing roof with a similar material, this can be expensive (without solving any of your problems) or very difficult to achieve, as many companies simply do not want to take on the job as it can be fraught with problems.

However, an option that will solve all of the above problems is a solid or tiled insulated conservatory roof.

A surveyor should give you all the information you need (including confidence that your existing foundations and window frames are suitable) – backed by a Structural Engineers report that they will deliver a quality roof for your investment.

Customising Your New Conservatory Roof

  1. You may choose to replace some or all of your existing windows and doors, this could be as an upgrade or to suit your style.  You may also want to change the configuration by adding in french doors for example.
  2. You may choose to have a lighting troth for ambient lighting, a pendant light or as many spotlights as you wish!
  3. Most people will probably choose a tile or slate colour to tie in with the existing building – but if you want a contrast that’s your choice.  Similarly gutters and fascias will be added in your choice of colour.
  4. If you want to still be able to look up and see the sky then you can simply add in roof windows!

All that’s left is for you to paint the interior and add your own finishing touches.

Installing Your New Conservatory Roof

Most conservatory roofs are fitted in under a week, depending on the size and any modifications.  You’re surveyor will be able to provide more accurate timings with your quotation.

The New Conservatory

Here’s what a Wetheralds customer has to say:

“We are very very impressed with the result – our old conservatory is now a new Sun Room we are very happy, we really can’t fault it!

We would definitely recommend Wetheralds to anyone considering having a solid roof – it was by far the better option to go for than replacing the existing polycarbonate roof.  Mark was very cooperative throughout the entire process, even to the point of making a special new box gutter for us that I had always found difficult to clean.  The room has been transformed, we will now look to put in a TV which we couldn’t do before because of the glare, and will definitely use it more often now.  Overall we are very pleased.

When we compare the old conservatory and what we have now, the new conservatory roof is much better quality – I can see that no corners have been cut!

We’re very impressed!”

To learn more or book your free consultation with your local Wetheralds Surveyor please contact us.