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Conservatory Roof Insulation

14th February 2022 · Posted in Conservatory Problems, Wetheralds Conservatory Roof Solutions, Wetheralds Conservatory Roofs

looking for conservatory roof insulation?

First let’s consider your options:

  1. If you need to use the space your conservatory has to offer then doing nothing is not really an option as you will no doubt be suffering in a room that is both too hot and too cold.
  2. Adding roof blinds.
  3. Adding your own insulation.
  4. Engage a company to add insulation under your existing roof.
  5. A replacement conservatory roof with insulation.

Conservatory Blinds

This isn’t really an option to provide any level of insulation. It will tackle the problem of glare and offer some protection from the heat of direct sunlight but it won’t help with keeping your conservatory from freezing in the Winter.

DIY Conservatory Insulation

Adding Your Own Conservatory Insulation to Your Existing Conservatory Roof

If you type Conservatory Roof Insulation into Google then some of the products you will see advertised are thermal quilts or thermal panels (PIR).  If you’re good at DIY and are on a small budget then this could be an option for you.  Although for the reasons outlined below this is akin to putting a plaster over a crack.


Professional Insulation Added to Your Existing Conservatory Roof

Professional companies adding insulation to your existing conservatory roof will leave the roof in place and either attach enclosed insulation panels or attach insulation and then add a plastered finish.

1 – Pros

  • This is approach is in the lower price point of professional solutions.
  • Any problems with glare are removed.
  • It’s quick to install – often just a day.

2 – Cons

If you do not remove the existing roof then the problems with the roof will still exist

  • Problems with damage/leaking roofs will stir occur.
  • Conservatory roofs conduct hot and cold temperature extremes so this will only be reduced a small amount.
  • Condensation will still occur and associated problems of mould and dampness will persist.
  • Some companies do not pay any attention to the outside aesthetics of your conservatory roof.

Wetheralds Hybrid Roofs are a potential solution to be explored.


A Tiled and Insulated Replacement Conservatory Roof

For those that have the budget and really want to make use of the space your conservatory has o offer all year, a solid or tiled roof replacement conservatory roof offers the best solution.

  • Your existing roof is removed and a lightweight frame is added (some companies use aluminium) but timber can be customised on site to your conservatory’s exact dimensions so there are less areas for error to take place.
  • Reputable companies will use a Structural Engineer to check that the existing structure is suitable before any replacement roof project gets underway.
  • Two layers of insulation will help to eliminate condensation and the heat extremes of a conservatory.
  • Customise both the internal and external look with: guttering and fascias, tiles and slates, new windows, doors and lighting.

Find out more about Wetheralds Tiled Conservatory Roofs.

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