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Customer Story: How a new conservatory roof turned a very hot room into a room that’s enjoyed every day!

20th June 2022 · Posted in Customer Stories, Wetheralds Conservatory Roofs

Mr DIWAN – a double p shaped  STYLE CONSERVATORY Roof

Why a New Conservatory Roof?

Mr Diwan is retired and enjoys his leisure time and loves to look at his garden.

“We moved into our house in 1992 and we had the conservatory built not long after, they did a good job as it has lasted 25 years.  However more recently the polycarbonate roof started to leak in various places causing us concern.

There were other problems too:

  • It was really difficult to keep clean from leaves and bird droppings – I was unable to do it myself and the cost was around £1000 to get it done professionally.
  • It was always a lovely and bright space but in the summer it was very very hot, to the point where it was difficult to stay in there.
  • The glare from the sun in our eyes was often so strong that it made you want to just close your eyes making it impossible to just sit or read.
A Beautiful Dining Room to Enjoy the Garden

A Beautiful Dining Room to Enjoy the Garden

Because of the aspect it wasn’t too cold in the winter but we would need both radiators on and an additional gas heater to make it comfortable.  Our conservatory was a double fronted P shape, so we used one side as a dining area and the other as a lounge.”

The Decision to Choose Wetheralds

“Because of the leaks we had to do something about the roof so we started to look at what could be done. At this time we hadn’t heard of a solid roof so the first thing we looked into was to replace the poly-carbonate roof.

We soon realised this wasn’t going to be an easy option as many of the companies that came to look at it simply refused to take the job on.  The larger companies such as Everest did offer a quote, but it was so high it was prohibitive to us moving forward.  It was at this time that a neighbour mentioned solid roofs and we then received a leaflet through our door.

A Replacement for a Broken Poly-carbonate Conservatory Roof

A Replacement for a Broken Poly-carbonate Conservatory Roof

The Wetheralds surveyor gave us all the information we needed and the confidence that Wetheralds would deliver a quality roof for our investment.  The quote was much much better than that provided by Everest for a replacement poly-carbonate roof, and we would now also gain from all the advantages of a solid roof and remove the problems that we had with the old roof.”

Wetheralds were still cheaper than the quote from Everest to replace the poly-carbonate roof

“Mark from Wetheralds advised us very well on all aspects of the new roof and we were confident to move forward with the new roof on our existing foundations – our concerns about the weight of a new roof had been addressed by both Wetheralds and their independent structural engineer.  We chose to replace some elements of the existing conservatory structure – and even after doing this Wetheralds were still cheaper than the quote from Everest to replace the poly-carbonate roof.

When we compare the old conservatory and what we have now, the new conservatory roof is much better quality – I can see that no corners have been cut!


Customising Our Replacement Conservatory Roof

For the interior finish we asked Wetheralds to build a lighting troth where the roof and walls meet so that we could include some LED lighting, we also added extra lighting to that included in the original quote, so now have 18 spotlights as well – all of which Wetheralds undertook for us.

A Space to Enjoy - Day or Night Every Day

A Space to Enjoy – Day or Night Every Day

We have just had to paint the interior and add our own finishing touches.

The room has been transformed, we will now look to put in a TV which we couldn’t do before because of the glare, and will definitely use it more often now.”

The Build

The Wetheralds fitting team were very friendly and efficient; they knew exactly what they were doing and got on with the job well.

Because of the size of our conservatory and the additional changes we had requested we didn’t believe Mark when he said it would be completed within two weeks – but to our surprise it really did only take two weeks!

Our New Sun Room

A Beautiful Wetheralds Tiled Conservatory Roof

A Beautiful Wetheralds Tiled Conservatory Roof

“We are very very impressed with the result – our old conservatory is now a new Sun Room we are very happy, we really can’t fault it!”

We would definitely recommend Wetheralds to anyone considering having a solid roof – it was by far the better option to go for than replacing the existing polycarbonate roof.

Mark was very cooperative throughout the entire process, even to the point of making a special new box gutter for us that I had always found difficult to clean.  Overall we are very pleased.”

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