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1st January 2021

wetheralds working to keep our customers and employees safe Whilst we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic we have set out our plans for commencing work that will keep both our employees and customers safe at all times. At the start of the process your local Wetheralds Surveyor will initially contact […]

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Conservatory Roof?

26th April 2021

Here we cover what’s involved in replacing your conservatory roof and how much it might cost. Many homeowners are now making the decision to replace their conservatory roof and here we are talking about a change to the existing roof structure and not simply replacement glass or poly-carbonate. Some of the types of roof available: […]

Is it worth putting a proper roof on a conservatory?

2nd April 2021

Our CUSTOMERS ALL SAY YES!     A conservatory often seems like a good way to add extra space to your home – and it is.  The opportunity to enjoy garden views, extra space for leisure or work without having to dramatically transform any of your existing home. So where is the problem and why […]

We’re slashing our deposits!

27th July 2020

Now’s the time to transform your conservatory! Get a free Quotation The Coronavirus pandemic has brought about many changes for all of us.  During Lockdown we have all spent many more hours in our own homes and now, more than ever,  we wish to make the best use of the space we have available to […]

Are hard conservatory roofs any good?

27th June 2020

What’s the benefit of a hard or solid conservatory roof? It’s likely that you are reading this, because it’s got to the point where you find that too often when you want to enjoy the space your conservatory offers – you simply can’t! do you need a hard conservatory roof? A conservatory offers up an […]

Is a Replacement Conservatory Roof an Investment?

24th June 2020

THE SIMPLE ANSWER IS YES! HOWEVER AS WITH ALL HOME IMPROVEMENTS CHOOSING THE RIGHT SUPPLIER IS CRUCIAL. Many homeowners are now making the decision to replace their conservatory roof for a solid/tiled roof (thousands a year are being replaced!) and there are a number of suppliers to choose from.  Choosing the right supplier is crucial […]

Are Building Regulations Required for Replacement Conservatory Roofs?

22nd June 2020

If you are looking at replacing the conservatory roof with a solid/hard/tiled roof then the answer is yes you will need Building Regulations Approval. If you choose a Hybrid system then the answer is generally no you do not need approval from Building Regulations. Why do you only need Building Regulations for some roof types? […]

Building Regulations for Conservatory Roofs – KEY FACTS

20th June 2020

Are Building Regulations required for replacement or refurbishment of conservatory roofs? The simple answer is Yes! Any significant alteration or replacement that reduces the glazed area of the roof requires Building Regulation approval. Do Building Regulations have any Legal Force? YES – Any work covered by the Building Regulations and not inspected and approved is […]

My Conservatory has Condensation Problems!

11th June 2020

You know when Autumn is here when the problem of condensation starts to rear its’ head again. When you’ve got an issue with condensation in your conservatory it’s probably the last room you want to be in – when it should be the best! The Problem of Condensation in Your Conservatory When your windows are […]