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5 Ways to Make Your Conservatory Cooler in the Summer

19th May 2022

If you’re reading this then you no doubt have experienced a hot summers day in your conservatory!  Whether you want to sit down and enjoy a meal, relax with a book or catch up with friends the sun ends up making it unbearable – and this is the case if you have a glass or […]

Garden Rooms, Garden Pods, Garden offices….

5th May 2022

Garden buildings and Garden Rooms are starting to pop up in gardens all over the country! Many of us are looking to expand our space close to home as well as make the most of our outdoor spaces to enjoy life. A Garden Room is so much more than either a traditional summerhouse or glamorous […]

L-Shape Conservatory

Customer Story: A conservatory suffering from the cold, condensation and mould is now an elegant room.

30th June 2022

MR AND MRS KILLICK, – A LEAN-TO STYLE CONSERVATORY ROOF Why a New Conservatory Roof? Mr and Mrs Killick, a retired couple, decided to replace their conservatory roof. “We used the room for our hobbies (painting and sewing) and when family were over, so it has a sitting area and art studio.  However, those days […]

Customer Story: It is not a conservatory now it is a sun room; we are both ecstatic with it!

28th June 2022

MR AND MRS MIDDLETON – A P-SHAPED STYLE CONSERVATORY ROOF Why a New Conservatory Roof? My and Mrs Middleton a retired couple who are very busy in their retirement and enjoy tending their garden.  Their conservatory was built in 1995 and was made entirely of wood with a poly-carbonate roof.  It was a classic Victorian […]

Customer Story: A once cold conservatory is now a lovely room to relax in and enjoy all year.

22nd June 2022

MR AND MRS BYATT – A VICTORIAN  STYLE CONSERVATORY ROOF Why a New Conservatory Roof? Pam and Roger Byatt are a retired professional couple with many hobbies which they enjoy outdoors including; golf, bowling, walking and they love to enjoy their garden “we have a great view over fields, it’s lovely to sit and watch […]

Customer Story: How a new conservatory roof turned a very hot room into a room that’s enjoyed every day!

20th June 2022

MR DIWAN – A DOUBLE P SHAPED  STYLE CONSERVATORY ROOF Why a New Conservatory Roof? Mr Diwan is retired and enjoys his leisure time and loves to look at his garden. “We moved into our house in 1992 and we had the conservatory built not long after, they did a good job as it has […]

Customer Story: A solid conservatory roof has eliminated the glare so we can now relax and enjoy our room.

16th June 2022

MR & MRS WHYTE, YORK – AN EDWARDIAN  STYLE CONSERVATORY ROOF Why a New Conservatory Roof? Mr and Mrs Whyte, enjoy their retirement; reading in the winter, watching films and enjoying their garden and the resident blackbirds! “We originally had our conservatory installed with a polycarbonate roof in 2006, we have an L shaped bungalow […]

Conservatory Roof Insulation

14th February 2022

looking for conservatory roof insulation? First let’s consider your options: If you need to use the space your conservatory has to offer then doing nothing is not really an option as you will no doubt be suffering in a room that is both too hot and too cold. Adding roof blinds. Adding your own insulation. […]

A new conservatory roof?

9th February 2022

A new conservatory roof can turn a very hot or cold conservatory into a room that is enjoyed every day. Why a new conservatory roof? Many people choose to get a conservatory for the extra space and to enjoy looking at their garden view.  A well built conservatory can last many many years with general […]

My Conservatory is Freezing!

24th January 2022

My conservatory is freezing! If it’s not boiling hot your conservatory is freezing cold – sound familiar? In theory a conservatory is the perfect way for us to easily add some extra space to our home which can be used throughout the year.  However, the reality is often very different and your conservatory is so […]

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