Choosing a Supplier

There are several options for replacing your existing conservatory roof, choosing the right method and the right supplier is important; not just for protecting your investment but to ensure you have peace of mind and the room you can enjoy all year round.

Working with a specialist team like Wetheralds, will give you the peace of mind that we will offer a complete and efficient service before, during and after the build.

Do you have references and show homes from happy customers?
Will my replacement conservatory roof be checked by a structural engineer for suitability before installation?
Is a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate supplied?
Will the materials used address the problems I have; like conservatory too hot or cold?
Can I be reassured that you will deliver the quality of finish I would like?
Is my investment protected by a recognised association e.g. Consumer Protection Association?
Does your team have over 10 years' experience in replacing lightweight conservatory roofs?
Will I have a point of contact before, during and after the build of my conservatory roof?


Take a look at our online brochure for a step-by-step guide to the process of replacing your conservatory roof in a matter of weeks!

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