Building Regulations and Planning Permission for Conservatory Roofs

Here are some facts about Building Regulations and Planning Permission for Conservatory Roofs, to help you understand what you DO NEED and what to LOOK OUT for when replacing your conservatory roof.

If you replace your old translucent conservatory roof with a lightweight solid/tiled one, then you will need to comply with Building Regulations to ensure your new roof is both safe and fit for purpose.   In Scotland a Building Warrant is required.  Wetheralds manage all aspects of the Building Regulations (and the Building Warrant in Scotland).

  1. Due to the nature of it’s construction the Wetheralds Hybrid Roof and Wetheralds Thermo Roof are exempt from Building Regulations approval, so they are not required.
  2. Planning permission is not usually required to replace your existing conservatory roof, your Wetheralds Surveyor can advise you.

When you change your conservatory roof there are a number of options available to you.  All of our solutions address the issues of hot and cold and look good both inside and out, at a price that’s much cheaper than any extension!

Wetheralds partnership with JHAI

Find out more about Wetheralds partnership with JHAI and why it's important to our customers when choosing a replacement conservatory roof supplier.


Conservatories are lightweight in nature and are not generally designed to carry the weight of a solid roof. Therefore, there’s a real possibility of movement or even collapse and the Building Control Application (only issued after set procedures are followed and on-site inspections completed) is needed to ensure this will not occur.

If you reroof your existing conservatory with a tiled roof, “significantly reducing the amount of glazing to the roof then a Building Regulation Application is required as your structure will no longer be regarded as exempt as a conservatory by the relevant building control.” Dept of Communities and Local Government – 2013. 


Your existing roof will likely be glazed or polycarbonate and usually have uPVC windows and doors.  If the roof is glazed, it is also likely the vertical frames will have been designed to carry the roof load.

In the case of a polycarbonate roof, the vertical frames may only have sufficient reinforcement to carry that particular load.

When you choose a Wetheralds Insulated Roof to replace your conservatory roof, your Wetheralds Surveyor and an independent Structural Engineer will assess your structure at the start of the build process to ensure that the roof and supporting structure will fully comply with the Building Regulations.

All Wetheralds solid conservatory roof projects are assessed by Wetheralds own Surveyors and independent structural engineers to ensure the roof and supporting structure will fully comply with the Building Regulations.


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