Conservatory Styles

We have installed our Wetheralds Insulated Conservatory Roofs on all of the 8 standard conservatory roof styles, as well as many custom designed conservatories.  If you don’t see your conservatory style here and would like to speak to one of our team please contact us.

Victorian Style Conservatory

The Victorian Conservatory Roof is very popular as it typically suits all house styles. The Wetheralds Victorian Insulated Conservatory Roof can be personalised to fit in with your existing home with a range of options to personalise everything from tiles to guttering.

Victorian Style Conservatory gallery

Edwardian Style Conservatory

The Edwardian Conservatory Roof is a very popular choice as the square room shape offers a large floor space. The Wetheralds Edwardian Insulated Conservatory Roof allows you to benefit from all the natural light your conservatory offers whilst stopping the extremes of heat and cold.

Edwardian Style Conservatory gallery

Lean-to Style Conservatory

The Lean-to Conservatory Roof is a very popular choice for those that are limited by space or to those that want a more contemporary look. The Wetheralds Lean-to Insulated Conservatory Roof is relatively quick and easy to install, allowing you to enjoy your Sunroom all year round.

Lean-to Style Conservatory gallery

P-Shape Style Conservatory

The P-shape Conservatory Roof works well when linking more than one room, offering additional living areas. The Wetheralds P-shape Insulated Conservatory Roof typically combines aspects of a traditional Lean-to Roof and a Victorian Roof, providing a generous extension to your home.

P-Shape Style Conservatory gallery

L-shape Style Conservatory

The L-shape Conservatory Roof typically wrapping around your home, provides a great use of space. The Wetheralds L-shape Insulated Conservatory Roof can be personalised internally to help you divide your room into different living spaces.

L-shape Style Conservatory gallery

T-shape Style Conservatory

The T-shape Conservatory Roof works well along a long wall, providing a dramatic feature to your home. The Wetheralds T-shape Insulated Conservatory Roof allows you to retain a large percentage of the natural light and aesthetics whilst reducing the extremes of hot and cold in such a large space.

T-shape Style Conservatory gallery

Custom and Other Conservatory Styles

A Custom Conservatory Roof is popular for both unusual shapes and larger properties. However they’ll typically be made up of the components of a traditional roof. A Wetheralds Custom Insulated Conservatory Roof is like any other to us, we’ll follow our same rigorous processes – it might just take a little longer to install!

Custom and Other Conservatory Styles gallery

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