Wetheralds Tiled Conservatory Roofs

The Wetheralds Tiled Conservatory Roof was designed to be able to fit any conservatory type by a skilled team of installers.

This solution is perfect for those that see the benefit in skilled workmanship and where the shape of the roof needs to be customised. Wetheralds Tiled Conservatory Roofs are built to last and provide a real solution to the pitfalls of a glass/polycarbonate roof.

The team at Wetheralds have been transforming unloved and unused conservatories into new rooms to be enjoyed all year around since 2008.


WHY CHOOSE the Wetheralds Tiled conservatory ROOF?

The lightweight frame is hand crafted on site by our skilled teams.

This solution is adaptable for bespoke or non-standard roof styles.

Skilled building methods and fully patented, this unique system offers you flexibility.

High quality products are used throughout to reduce condensation and improve insulation.

Your existing conservatory roof structure is checked by a structural engineer, before the project starts.

The insulation is BRE approved (with a U- value 0.18W/m2k which means there is very little heat loss.

Options for customising include; lighting/velux windows/log burners etc. and guttering/soffits/fascias/tiles and slates etc.

The average build time for a project is 4 days.

Installing your Wetheralds Tiled Conservatory Roof

We use our own skilled teams to ensure that every roof is finished to the highest standard, this guarantee is backed by our professional partners.

  • Hand built and fitted on site.
  • Made water tight and guttering of your choice is fitted.
  • Materials are fitted to reduce moisture and condensation.
  • Two layers of insulation is added to reduce temperature extremes.
  • The interior is fully plastered ready for painting.
  • Tiles or slates of your choice finish off the roof.

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There are many things that can influence your decision; conservatory style, personal preference, budget and what you’d like to achieve from your new room. Send us your details and we'll arrange for a Wetheralds Surveyor to talk you through your options.