How Much Does A Garden Room Cost?


This is the question we are most frequently asked, so hear we try to give an idea of what we include in our quotation and some indication of what the starting price is.  If the starting price fits with your expectations you can consider any personalisation you might like to add.

As with any construction project the quick answer is that the final cost of your garden room price will be dependent on the size of the building and its specification.  A popular sized small garden room of 3m x 2.7m has an average price of £16,137 while a larger 5.2m x 3.2m example averages £25,699 including VAT and installation.



It’s often difficult to compare Garden Room prices as companies price their buildings in different ways.  Some companies offer all the essentials in their starting price, whilst others list their prices minus key elements such as the foundation and electric package.

Below is a list of all the project elements that would typically be required to complete your Garden Room.  We highlight the element and whether it’s typically included in the starting price and Wetheralds prices.

VAT USUALLY Usually Most companies quoted prices include VAT. Those that don't include VAT can seem more affordable at first glance.
DELIVERY PARTLY Typically, delivery in a radius of the company's workshop is included in the building's base price. Over this radius, delivery is charged by the mile or postcode area.
INSTALLATION USUALLY The majority of the garden room market includes installation of the building in their quoted starting price. For some pre-designed garden room ranges, the installation part of the project is quoted as an optional extra.
FOUNDATIONS USUALLY Usually With the advancement of groundscrew and plinth foundations, the majority of garden room manufacturers include the foundation in the quoted starting price. There are still lots of ranges where they either price the foundation separately or ask you to organise it with another company before they arrive on-site.
INSULATION ALMOST ALWAYS Insulation in the floor, walls and roof structures is a key element of a garden room and what makes it stand out from other types of garden buildings. 90% of the garden rooms on the market are sold fully insulated, but a few companies are now pricing their buildings with the insulation pack as an optional extra.
DOORS & WINDOWS USUALLY The starting price of a garden room usually includes a standard door and window configuration. These are normally house-quality uPVC units. Any changes you make to the standard door & window configuration would then affect the price.
EXTERNAL CLADDING USUALLY External cladding is usually included in the quoted starting price of a garden room. This is typically the company's standard finish, so in some cases, it will be an entry-level finish like Redwood, and with other companies, the standard finish will be Cedar.
LIGHTING & POWER SOCKETS ALMOST ALWAYS The majority of garden rooms are priced to include the wiring of lighting and power points. However, a growing number of companies are not including them as standard and offering an electrical pack upgrade option. See the item below on the final electrical hook-up.
ROOF COVERING USUALLY A garden room's quoted starting price usually includes the roof covering. Finishes such as insulated steel panels and EPDM membranes are commonplace. In our research, we have found several companies offer asphalt finishes, as standard, with options to upgrade to long-lasting EPDM.
DATA CABLING NOT OFTEN Some companies offer data cabling for your internet connection in their starting price; they tend to be the ones that provide turnkey services. Most commonly, data cabling is an optional extra. ON REQUEST
HEATING SOMETIMES Some companies offer an electric panel heater in their starting price with options to upgrade. Other companies don't provide any form of heating, as standard. You will want a heater for the coldest days of the year.
INTERIOR LINING ALMOST ALWAYS Most garden rooms come with an interior lining, whether unpainted MDF boards, white Melamine boards or a high-spec plastered and decorated finish. There is a growing trend to offer the interior lining as an optional extra, which can be handy if you want to do some DIY.
ELECTRICAL HOOK-UP SOMETIMES The majority of garden room companies offer the final electrical connection either as an optional add-on service or ask you to organise it with a local electrician. Companies that provide a turnkey service tend to include the final electrical connection in the prices they quote. QUOTED AFTER SURVEY
FLOORING ALMOST ALWAYS The majority of garden room starting prices include laminate flooring and skirting boards. Although, some companies leave you with a boarded finish and offer the option of flooring upgrades. SUPPLIED BY CUSTOMER

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