Your Wetheralds Conservatory Roof and Structural Engineers

Every new project Wetheralds undertake to convert an existing conservatory roof to a lightweight insulated roof is overseen from a structural point of view by a Structural Engineer.  We only use an established design consultancy offering dedicated structural design work to; homeowners, architects, builders and other professionals linked to the construction industry.

We will not start any new conservatory roof conversion until the Structural Engineers are confident that your conservatory will take the new load.

surveyor check

From the pictures and measurements our trained surveyors provide, they check and advise on whether the existing roof, window uprights, walls and glass will comfortably take the additional weight from a solid roof.

custom specifications

Calculations and drawings are provided to the fitting team for your conservatory, and the roof is custom made to these exact specifications.

Building Regulations Approval

The information from the structural engineer proves to JHAI building Control that the Wetheralds installation will meet building regulations.

check the suitability of your conservatory

Book a visit with a Wetheralds Surveyor for a free no obligation assessment of your conservatory for a replacement conservatory roof.