If you believe there is a problem with your Wetheralds roof and would like to raise a Service Request please read the Terms and Conditions below first.

To raise a Service Request we require you to fill out our Service Request Form so that it can be allocated to a member of the team, who will be in touch in due course to discuss further/offer a service appointment.

We kindly ask that you please do not log your request more than once and wait for us to contact you, in order to ease the workload and to avoid duplicate service requests being raised.

PLEASE NOTE: As you can appreciate, we are currently on a reduced service and skeleton staff with a phased return to work following the UK lockdown, so we will be working as hard and as quickly as we can to contact you as soon as possible.

Guarantee Details – TERMS & CONDITIONS

10-year insurance backed guarantee included, effective from day of completion.


Your Wetheralds guarantee provides:

1 – A repair service in the event of breakdown of any covered part of your product, for the period stated above:

– Seals – 12 months

– Moving parts – 12 months

– Double glazed units – 5 years

2 – Repair services provided by Wetheralds or authorised service technicians only.

3 – Occasionally, we may ask you to pay for the repair and claim the cost of the repair from us, but this always needs to be authorised by Wetheralds prior to you instructing your subcontractor.


Your Wetheralds guarantee excludes:

– Repairs due to breakdown caused by use other than domestic by your household.

– Deliberate damage to or neglect of the product or failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and/or installation guidelines.

– Consumer replaceable items including, but not limited to, seals, moving part and double-glazed units exceeding the guarantee period as above.

– Cosmetic damage and/or non-functional parts which do not affect the normal use of the product including cabinet trim, scratches and rust.

– Any loss suffered as a result of not being able to use the product, or any loss over and above the purchase price of the original item.

– Accidental damage, servicing, inspecting or cleaning of the insured product.

– Failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and/or post installation guidelines.

– Deliberate damage or neglect of the insured product.


PLEASE NOTE: if you log a service request with Wetheralds, this is not an indication that Wetheralds accept responsibility for the issued logged, it means that the request has been logged on our system and a member of the Service team will further assess your ticket.

We reserve the right to charge for the expense of a service call, when no fault has been found with the product on inspection, or if a service call has been requested under false pretences or falls under any of the exclusions above, you will be charged.

No work will be carried out under goodwill unless it is covered by the guarantee.

You have statutory rights in relation to your product and those rights are not affected by this guarantee.


Making a claim on your guarantee.

If your roof develops a fault:

  1. Look for any obvious reasons for the fault in the first instance and troubleshoot the possible reasons for the fault e.g blocked guttering which needs clearing out (especially in box gutters) or someone has stood on the roof.
  2. Visit our SERVICE REQUEST FORM if you are still having problems with your roof and raise a service ticket
  3. Please have details or your original order and date of purchase to hand when you call or log a service request. You will find all of this information on your final paperwork and guarantee certificate. This acts as your guarantee, so please make sure you keep it safe