Your Wetheralds Roof

Protection and peace of mind

We understand you will want to feel confident that your investment in a Wetheralds insulated roof for your conservatory will deliver on all accounts.

Our customers will vouch for our commitment to delivering a professional product and installation, and Our Guarantee is that the professional partnerships we have formed will offer you both protection and continued peace of mind.


Our promise to you our customer, is that we will always use the best materials for your project and work with our own installation teams to build to the highest standards. Our customer service team will work to ensure that you will have total peace of mind from start to finish converting your existing conservatory roof to an insulated lightweight roof.

We provide a 10 Year Guarantee supported by a Building Regulation Compliance certificate and an Independent Structural Engineers roof design with a letter confirming that the existing structure is structurally adequate for the additional weight of the roof.


Safety checked

Every replacement conservatory roof project we undertake has already been checked for safety and suitability by a Wetheralds Surveyor and an independent Structural Engineer.

Regulation compliant

If you choose a Wetheralds Tiled Conservatory Roof we make sure you receive an Integral BCS Compliance Certificate on completion.  This is issued once Integral BCS are satisfied the work appears to satisfy the requirements of Regulation 8 of the Building (Approved Inspector etc.) Regulations 2010.

Skilled in-house team

We only use our own skilled teams of craftspeople on every project, they have all been trained in every aspect of installing a Wetheralds Insulated Conservatory Roof and options to customise your roof.

The best materials

We will only use the best materials for your project ensuring you can not only enjoy your new room for years to come, but no longer suffer from the extremes of hot and cold or condensation.

Contact us anytime

Throughout your project, and after completion, our team at Head Office will be available to ensure a smooth installation and answer any questions you may have.

Professional partners

We work with a number of Professional Partners on every project; to protect your home and your investment.  Find out more about the peace of mind this will give you as a customer.